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CIO Street - Published Articles

Representation of Quantum Data A Quantum Leap for Computer Science


Advances in quantum computing have been in the news lately, and I have received several inquiries from clients asking how this technology fits with their strategy and IT roadmap. Let’s start with the basics of....

Futuristic Cyber Shield We Need a New Privacy Shield


If your company handles data related to customers, employees, contractors or vendors that are European Union (EU) citizens, it is important to analyze and adjust to the newest legislation affecting the transfer....

Vendeta Hacker #ThatsNotMyTweet


You would have had to been hiding under a rock, abstaining from social media, and deliberately avoiding the news to not know about the recent cyber security incident involving Twitter. For those of you that were....

Hooded Cyber Criminal in Data Center How Cyber-Secure Are We?


WSJ Pro Research (part of the Wall Street Journal) recently released the results of a survey they conducted with information security leaders of approximately 400 companies from a wide range of industries and....

Person holding futuristic crystal ball Pass Me the Crystal Ball


Due to the pandemic and economic downturn, strategic plans and budgets for 2020 and next year are in a state of “do over.” Corporate executives are tasked with refocusing and revitalizing their organizations....

Clinician using AI AI and COVID-19


Last Month, May 11th was the 23rd anniversary of IBM’s Deep Blue computer defeating Gary Kasparov the reigning world chess champion. This was an unbelievable achievement at the time and....

Using POS Terminal Tap and Go


Since the pandemic was officially declared and health and safety precautions were established including frequent washing of hands, it has become very apparent to me that existing consumer transaction systems....

Robot using Computer Digital Opportunities


Last week I commented on the poor state of the public sector’s digital capabilities. My intention was not to single out governmental agencies and ignore the private sector. There are plenty of reported....

Frustrated Users System Reboot


Since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic it has become very apparent that the digital capabilities of a majority of our country’s institutions including federal, state, and local governments are in dire need of an....

Executive being fired On the Firing Line


In last week’s article I discussed a statement made by several industry analysts that suggested the possibility of Chief Information Officers (CIOs) losing their jobs over the planning and execution (or lack thereof)....

Perspective Perspective


Last week, the CIO Journal (part of the Wall Street Journal) included an article describing the possible shake-up of executive level technology leaders following the eventual economic/business recovery from....

Business Man in Hazmat Business as unUsual


In response to the article I published last week “Who’s Driving the Bus?” Steven Durante COO of Outerlink Global Solutions (who is also a friend and business colleague) asked about the possible....

Bus On The Road Who's Driving the Bus


According to a majority of the quantitative models depicting the stages of the Coronavirus and its effect on communities and businesses, The United States should be entering the worst phase....

Covid-19 Business Model The Covid-19 Business Model


The economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 virus is leading Information Technology journalists to predict drastic cuts to the IT budgets of organizations. Several recent articles in the Wall Street Journal....

Continuity Plan Who has the Business Continuity Plan?


The crisis the world currently finds itself in requires companies to exercise extreme focus, leadership, and the proper execution of strategic plans, most notably the organization’s Business Continuity Plan (BCP)....

Stock Market Algorithms Trip Circuit Breakers


Starting last Monday (March 9th) through today (March 16th), the US Stock Market experienced 3 “circuit-breaker” events shutting down trading for 15 minute periods....

Coronavirus and Cyber Security Coronavirus and Cyber Security


Companies are scrambling to introduce new or enhanced work-from-home strategies and policies to mitigate and reduce the possible impact the Coronavirus will have on their business....

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